There will be two opportunities per year for trainees to apply, with deadlines at the end of May and end of November. One fellowship will be awarded at the January financial planning committee meeting and one will be awarded at the WOC-UK June conference committee meeting. 

There are two eponymous fellowships available for orthopaedic trainees who are planning to spend a period of time working in the developing world. Each award is for £1500 towards the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses.

The Gauvain Fellowship :           Sir Henry Gauvain, M.D., MChir. Camb., F.R.C.S. Eng., was the the Medical Superintendent of Lord Mayor Treloar's Hospital in Alton for more than 25 years. He was skilled surgeon and a keen proponent of the beneficial qualities of sunlight for healing. His name became synonymous with the pioneering work of the hospital with physically disabled children. When the orthopaedic hospital was closed by the government of the day in 1995, the people of Alton wished his memory to be upheld in the medical world by the award of this fellowship. 

The Ginger Wilson Bursary:       Ginger Wilson was an inaugural founding member and signatory of WOC international and an outstanding Orthopaedic Surgeon of International regard. To commemorate the sad passing of Ginger and his wife Pat, WOC-UK have decided to instigate a discretionary financial award to help support British Orthopaedic Trainees who wish to spend some time during their training, working in developing countries. 

Please send all applications to secretary@wocuk.org

Volunteer Opportunities

The BMA International Department has developed a guidance document for doctors to take time out to work and train in developing countries. 'Broadening your horizons: a guide to taking time out and work and train in developing countries' has been developed in consultation with key bodies from medical education and employment. 

This new guidance outlines national policies as well as examples of best practice and is aimed at both doctors and those in medical education and employment. The BMA aims for this document to support doctors at all stages of their careers to take time to work in developing countries.

There are opportunities in a number of locations around the world, and WOC UK can help you find a location and centre that is best suited to your particular skill set as well as your individual needs.  You may attend short-term teaching visits to numerous other countries, accompany another senior visiting surgeon. Please contact the "link-man" of any of the above countries for information on forthcoming visits.  Click here to view WOC UK locations.

January 2019


Support orthopaedic training at the Black Lion Hospital (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

WOC-UK continues to look for more volunteers to support training of orthopaedic residents in Ethiopia. We aim for a minimum of 6 pairs of individuals to travel to Addis Ababa each year, ideally for at least two weeks at a time. Often the visiting pair will consist of a senior consultant and someone earlier on in their career. We are able to pair people up if required. Currently there is funding available to support those who take part in this training link (£500 per week of a trip per person).

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